James & Partners Law Offices provides several legal practices in connection with investment field. We assist our client to obtain BOI’s promotion in every step including filing and revising BOI application and supporting documents, following up and dealing with BOI’s officers, advising eligible business types under BOI promotion for our clients.  We also advised on benefits and rights of clients under BOI such as collecting FBC under BOI, setting up company under BOI’s benefits and rights, filing applications for expats or workers of clients under BOI promotion and purchasing of real estate for client under BOI promotion. After obtaining BOI we assist our client to make annual report to BOI’s official.  Our office assist investors who want to invest in Thailand and other Asean countries toward the opening of AEC in 2105.

Enhancing Competitiveness and Investment Facilitation

• Offers an attractive and competitive package of tax incentives.
• Imposes no foreign equity restrictions on manufacturing activities or on some service.
• Provide assistance in the provision of visas and work permits to facilitate entry and        subsequent operation for a foreign-owned business.
• Waives restrictions on land ownership by foreign entities.

Business Support Services
• Provides comprehensive information and advice on establishing operations in Thailand.
• Arranges site visits.
• Identifies potential suppliers, subcontractors, joint-venture partners.
• Provides useful contacts with key public and private organizations.
• Coordinates between the foreign business community and other public agencies

The BOI also acts as Thailand’s marketing arm and actively promotes the country worldwide as one of the best investment locations in Asia.

The BOI is tasked with devising and implementing strategies under which promotional activities are organized around the globe throughout the year.

The BOI’s seven overseas offices (Tokyo, Osaka, Shanghai, Frankfurt, Paris, Los Angeles and New York) serve as Thailand’s front desks in liaising with potential investors. Next